Choirs Beating Time – helping Prisoners become Proud People with Prospects


Our purpose is to prevent people returning to prison by giving them opportunities.

The opportunity to:

  • Develop employability skills: committed, focused, confident, team players who perform…
  • Maintain a fit mind: combat stress, anxiety, depression: stay positive, optimistic and on top of things…
  • Be part of a thriving community: included not excluded.

HOW…? CHOIRS! A Choir is a perfect team. It’s a community. It’s committed to performance. It meets every week. It practices. It improves. It stands shoulder to shoulder. It faces the same direction – forward and outward. It is made up of individual voices that are in tune and harmony with each other. And it has something to offer other people…it’s music, it’s creativity, it’s passion and pride.

Our Concerts provide a platform for “forming and norming” relationships:

  • employers, get to see this hidden talent pool perform. It motivates many to create second chances. We work hard to cultivate these relationships.
  • families, get to see the person they love giving to others and receiving applause. More much needed glue that helps hold fragile relationships together.

Choirs Beating Time currently runs choirs at HMP Birmingham, HMP Maidstone, HMP Featherstone, HMP Brinsford and HMP Rye Hill.

I am supporting this initiative to establish choirs in prison because I know that anything that improves the relationship between the people that live and work in a prison makes that prison safer for everyone. I have seen first hand how choir builds and improves relationships. I also believe that the skills and confidence that are being acquired through choir will enhance ability to contribute to society on their release.

– Eoin McLennan-Murray, Patron of Choirs Beating Time
Former President of the Prison Governors Association


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