Through the Gate

After Release, What Next…?

Beating Time is not just about helping prisoners to develop whilst inside. It is about equipping people who have spent time in prison with the skills and mindset they need to rebuild their lives – to find a job on release and to become part of a positive community.

So how are we doing this?

We keep them singing!

We encourage our members to keep singing on release. Community choirs provide a ready-made positive support group. We have a close relationship with Choir With No Name, a choir for people whose lives have been affected by homelessness and people from the very edges of society. CWNN welcomes our members and we are huge fans of their work.

We help them find a job

We are now actively building networks that people who have served their sentences can use to get jobs and, even, start their own businesses. By mobilizing employers, a start-up fund and mentors we can – together – start to reverse the re-offending epidemic in the UK.
So what are those networks?

We are launching:

  • “Business Beating Time” – an Employers “30-2-2 Scheme” based on successful models in the US (30 employers employing 2 ex-offenders for 2 years); and
  • “Beating Time Entrepreneurs Fund” in London which will provide seed funding for prisoners setting up their own businesses on release, mentoring for those new starters and fund training courses in prison.

The average, annual cost of keeping someone in prison is £36,000, which is more than the average wage. It is crazy not to do something to try to get prisoners to contribute to the economy rather than being a drain on it whilst also providing them with the support, skills and opportunity to avoid re-offending.

Read more about these initiatives here.

If you would like more information or would like to join the schemes, please contact us.