Prison Stats


As at 10 October 2014 the prison population was 85,705 of which 3,908 were women.

The overall cost per prisoner for public and private prisons in England and Wales is £40,000.

Many prisoners were locked up for a short time with little attempt at rehabilitation.

It is no surprise that many returned to a life of crime on release, with the most recent figures showing that nearly 50% of offenders released from prison reoffend within a year.

Overall, one in five offenders spent some time in custody the year after they were released from prison or started a community sentence.

Almost three quarters of those who were released from custody or began a community order in the first quarter of 2000 were reconvicted of another offence within nine years.

Taken from Ministry of Justice Paper: Breaking the Cycle: Effective Punishment, Rehabilitation and Sentencing of Offenders