Our Patron


Eoin McLennan-Murray

We are delighted to have Eoin McLennan-Murray as our Patron.

During his 35 year career he has served in 10 prisons and was previously President of the Prison Governors Association.

When Eoin was Governor at HMP Blantyre House, a resettlement prison in Kent; it consistently had the lowest re-conviction rates of any prison in the UK. The pioneering work there has been replicated in many other Prisons to help both resettlement and reduce re-offending.

“Prisoners waste hours watching television in their cells because there is little else to do. In my 35 years in the prison service I have met few who do not want to work or learn. The fact that they’re left locked up in their cells watching daytime TV is our failing, not theirs. When prisoners are allowed to express some individuality, self esteem and behaviour improve. What could be more individual than their own voice.”