The Team


Heather Phillips

Heather set up Choirs Beating Time in 2014 following successful pilot choirs in HMP Durham and HMP Coldingley.

She is a former corporate lawyer, spent 10 years as a partner in a city law firm, was a Director of The Listening Company a large contact centre, is a private investor,  founded SingingWorks, a company which sets up office choirs and is a partner in Better Performance an experiential leadership development business.

“Choirs are perfect communities, bringing together very diverse people, they make us listen to each other and work together- to achieve things that are beyond us as individuals”

Heather Phillips and Jane Evan. Founders of Prison Charity Beating Time

Jane Evans

Jane joined Heather at SingingWorks in 2014 and has been instrumental in developing Choirs Beating Time from its earliest days. Previously Jane was a Director in the Corporate Finance Team at KPMG (a global accountancy practice) and was Finance Director for a division of Wates, the construction company. Jane is also a Partner in Better Performance. Jane is working with education provider Novus to incorporate “Choir” in the “employability” segment of the prison education curriculum.

“I want to build links between our choirs and community choirs and employers, so the people who sing with us and work together on the inside can keep singing and working with others on the outside”